A Prayer for Faithfulness

O God, in You truth and love are perfectly united. So unite us in your Son that we may reflect on earth the perfect unity of the Godhead.

Give us the courage to proclaim the good news that Your salvation is freely offered to all men without distinction, and the strength to hold unswervingly to the faith handed down to us by the saints. Forgive us when in our zeal we pass by the wounded on the far side of the road. Forgive us when in our compassion we approve what you have forbidden. Restore us, O Lord, and breath new life into us for Your name’s sake.

You are the God of our fathers and our children. Give us the wisdom to discern Your will for our community. Go before us that the light of Your word may illuminate our path in this time of darkness. Remind us when we despair that Your word is eternally fixed in the heavens, and strengthen us in the way of faithfulness. Preserve us from the winds which threaten us, calm the storm that engulfs us, and establish us in safety that we may bear witness to Your holy name for generations to come.

For you are the Ancient of Days, and unto You every knee must bow, and every tongue confess.

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