How Long?

Reading Chesterton and Dostoyevsky really makes me realize how little has changed in the past few hundred years. What they have to say is almost as relevant today as it was when it was written. The modernism that Chesterton opposed has been somewhat battered by postmodernity, but the faith that science and materialism will lead us into all truth is alive and well. Communism has come and gone, but the secularism that Dostoyevsky feared and which so devastated Russia is still with us.

Isn't it time for secularism to move along? I'm not sure what will replace it, and whatever does will probably not be any friendlier to Christianity. Still, though, it seems like it's about time for something new.

In the meantime, however, I am enjoying the fact that we stand on the shoulders of giants - there is a few centuries worth of Christian thought that speak directly to the issues we now face.

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