Just for fun, here are a few of Sheldon Vanauken's limmericks:

On his frustration with students who only cared about getting a degree:

He believed that degrees were essentia,
So he entered the realm of scientia,
But the books proved arcane
And, discov'ring no brain,
They conferred his degree in absentia.
On his opinion of the 1976 revision of the Prayer Book:

There were some old clerks who said, "Oh!
The Prayerbook's a bore and must go:
For the spirit of prayer
As to fun can't compare
With our NEW 'church variety show'."
On his aversion to the desecration of the English language by certain feminists:

Her unisex temper would worsen
If as chairman she wasn't 'chairperson':
She required that we ban
Those damned suffixes, 'man'-
So now she's become a woperson.

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