Total Truth

I just finished reading Nancy Pearcey's Total Truth. It was reviewed very well, so I decided to read it even though it is a book about worldviews, and I normally cringe whenever I hear the word (often it seems to be just a catchphrase with little substance). Pearcey has some good insights about the holistic nature of Christianity: how its truth ought to encompass and inform everything we do, not just certain activities artificially marked “sacred”. This is certainly something I need to be reminded of. I have a lot of interests, and integrating them into a unified whole so that I am more than just an amalgam of unrelated hobbies is a challenge.

However, I felt the signal-to-noise ratio in the book was pretty low. I found myself wading through a whole bunch of text to reach the point, skimming yet another “Bobby had always thought that religion and science occupied different spheres of authority, until he learned that Christianity is a holistic worldview” story, etc.

To be fair, I am probably not Pearcey's target audience. The idea that Christianity ought to inform how I do everything is not news to me. And I'm already familiar with most of the critiques of Darinism as a worldview that she offers (which is a large part of the book). Still, I couldn't shake the feeling that the book would have been much better if it had been, say, 200 pages instead of 400.

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