I saw JD, a good friend of mine from high school and a groomsman in my wedding, for the last time in quite a while last wednesday evening. He left from Spain this morning to be a missionary. JD deserves the opportunity (as much as any of us deserve God's good gifts), having worked for the past two years in a ministry to Spanish-speaking people in the Redlands area to convince a panel of stodgy old retired pastors (as he jokingly refers to them) that he was qualified to do missions work.

Seeing JD so close to his departure was quite an experience. He was in the process of selling or giving away everything he owned that wouldn't fit in a couple of suitcases. There's something about the complete finality of seling all your posessions to follow Jesus that really stands out to me. JD has crossed the point of no return - there is nowhere to return to, and only one direction to go: straight ahead, into the waiting unknown and the wildness of God's mercy, trusting that the God who called him by grace will sustain him by grace.

Saying goodbye to him was a strange schitzophrenic mixture of sadness and excitement. Sad because an era is coming to a close, and excited because the God who makes all things new is birthing something in JD's life. Sad because our paths are diverging, and excited because there is one God directing our diverging paths, and someday they will meet again.

Reese Roper

did you hear the news today
i'm not coming home,
and i wished it all away
i felt so alone
and the darkness crept it's way
like stars we know will die too soon
there is never any sunrise here in the shadows of eclipsing moons
crawling on a tightrope
the bravest thing i have is hope

daylight, save me
daylight, save me
tonight, tonight

halogen, the lights will flicker
incadescent burning lies
and the silence stands for nothing
desperate i search the skies
aching for a spark
trembling in pitchest dark

daylight, save me
daylight, save me
tonight, tonight

Jesus Christ, Light of the World
You never did forget me
and when i bled in darkness, You held me
still held me
when desparate nights i cursed You
You loved me, still loved me
Jesus Christ, You dry the tears
You break my heart of stone
Your words are life
cut marrow through
the darkness, to the bone
a heart of flesh You gave me
only You can save me

I am coming home

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