We sang Hymn #666 in church yesterday. The apocalypse must be right around the corner.

In other news, it looks like Emily and I are going to have to deal with one of those shady insurance companies that you hear about on the news that refuse to ever pay any money. Emily was in a car accident several weeks ago... she was turning left across an intersection and someone ran a red light and hit her. There was a witness, a policeman came, they exchanged insurance information, and that was that.

Or so we thought. At first the guy's insurance company denied he was insured. Then they admitted he was insured, but sent us a letter claiming that the damage to our car was not covered by his policy (even though that coverage is required by law). I feel like I'm trapped in The Rainmaker.

Anyway, we may be out $800 unless we can get the money from this shady insurance company. It could have been worse: our insurance company covered everything but our $500 deductible (which is usually waived if the accident isn't our fault) plus the cost of the rental car. They're going after the other guy's insurance company themselves for the portion they paid, but it looks like it's up to us to get that $800 from them.

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