New University

Looking at UCI's campus newspaper, "New University", has made me realize that the Chimes (Biola's newspaper) wasn't really as bad as I thought it was. In fact, it was pretty good. The production values were a lot lower, because UCI just has a lot more money than Biola. But the writing quality was certainly no worse (probably better), and the name was a lot better.

Some gems from last week's edition of New University:

From the sports page:
"UC Irvine was the first to score a goal in the second half until Cal Poly answered back by adding two of their own to win the game."

From a movie review for Blade Trinity:
"Blade hesitantly joins the two (vampire hunters) in order to stop the war between vampires; hence the title, 'Trinity', where the tri- has significance because of the alliance between the three characters."

From a special-interest story about a girl struggling with a rare illness:
"She finally decided to leave school because she could barely walk and got a job dancing as a soloist at the Flamingo Hilton in Reno."

From the front page:
"Professor Jon Wiener claims that recent elections show a significant cultural divide among Americans" [Ok, so it's not poor writing, but come on... he gets paid to say things like this???]

I didn't make these up, I swear.

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